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Be a tourist in your own country

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Be a tourist in your own country

You don't need to travel half way around the world to be a tourist.  All you need to do is hop in your car, jump on a bus/train or book a domestic interstate flight, and discover a never before seen destination.  We live in a huge and vast country with so much visual and cultural variety that taking your next holiday in your own backyard is an experience that you'll never forget..

Passports to visas:  Such a bonus not worrying about valid passports, visas or even having to calculate or convert currency.

No big packing lists or unsightly costs:  Staying local means you save money on expensive flights, dreaded vaccinations and exchange rates.  You can also pack lighter as you are more familiar with what stores or shops offer.

Speak the language and know the tricks:  This is a huge advantage when travelling as you speak the native tongue and know (well hopefully) the tricks and scams that occur.  You're not so much of a target for being ripped off when you are a local and you know your rights.  

Learn our own heritage and culture:  We spend so much of our travels learning about other cultures and history but we forget that we have a very colourful and rich history ourselves.  Learning about the native people of our country and visiting historical landmarks, areas and buildings is a job within itself.

No need to rush:  Holidaying in your own country, state or town means that you can take your time exploring all that's on offer.  You're not wasting time flying halfway around the world which means that you can spend more time on home soil. 

Take the caravan, boat, bikes, skis etc..  Depending on the type of holiday, you can hook up, clip on or clamp down all of your holiday toys and accessories and just drive off.  Hook up the caravan (which will save money on accommodation) or boat, clip on the bikes or clamp down the kayak or ski's for some cheap outdoor adventure.

Friends with benefits:  Making new friends is one of the best bonuses that you can do on your travels.  Making friends that live in the same country as you is even better.  You're only a plane flight or a bus, train or car ride away from catching up in future, which is more likely than an overseas friendship.  Make friends with locals and strangers and get not only great holiday advice but possibly some lifelong friendships as well.

Busy schedule:  Is work putting you under pump and you don't have oodles of time?  Traveling locally means you can take an extra day off work and have a long weekend when you travel locally.  Do this a few times a year and you'll be able to explore more and take less time off.

Visit all your friends and family:  Nothing better than visiting friends and family interstate.  Make your holiday a reunion with loved ones and at the same time get the best travel guides around.  Visiting family and friends interstate means that you have the insider knowledge of the best restaurants, attractions and activities whilst not having to pay for costly accommodation. They may even know a few tips to make it cheaper.

Drive your own car:  Load up the car and take a road trip.  You'll be cutting costs on car hire and other forms of costly transport.  The other bonus is that you'll have your car to drive to all those attractions and landmarks you'll want to visit.


Here are some exciting activities you can add to your local travel adventure:

Try a new restaurant

Hike or Bike a new track

See a show or performance

Explore a new coastline or headland

Eat at food festivals for a taste-bud explosion

Visit exhibitions in local galleries and museums

Try a different route to the coast

Visit a new city, town or suburb

Buy delicious local deli food and head off for a picnic 

Join a club and try a new hobby

Take your camera and be a photographer for the day

Do a walking tour

Have a beer/meal in a different pub

Visit a new park or nature reserve and be close to nature


Search online, local tourist info offices, local publications, Pinterest boards, social media, libraries, word of mouth, Trip Advisor and local radio stations for local travel ideas and advice.


Embrace being a tourist in your own backyard and you'll be amazed what you'll discover.




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