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Combination Vs. Key Travel Locks – Which Is More Secure?

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Combination Vs. Key Travel Locks – Which Is More Secure?

In the ideal world, we’d be able to travel from point A to point B (with luggage in tow) and arrive with our suitcases untampered and intact. The sad reality is that even if airline employees keep your baggage safe, it will still encounter dozens of strangers while being moved from one destination to another – and some of these strangers could try break into it. Most travelers know they need a lock to keep their baggage secure – but which one is best? Here’s how to decide between combination and key travel locks for your next trip.

Take the necessary precautions

The best advice for keeping your goods secure is to keep them in your carry on luggage or near your person at all times. A surprising number of thefts occur from fellow passengers, so doing this will greatly decrease your chances of experiencing theft.

Combination vs Key

A combination lock works by turning the lock in a certain direction to unlock a code according to a set of numbers. It’s very secure and is immune to picking, which means it can give you greater peace of mind. A downside of this option is that you’ll need to memorise the numbers needed to unlock it, making it a poor choice for those who are forgetful and need things to be written down.

Of course, the more numbers that are sued to open the lock, the more secure it is. If you have only three numbers, a thief could spend some time trying different combinations to eventually crack the code.

A key lock (also known as a padlock) is a more traditional choice and all that’s needed to open it is a key. While it is easier for you to use, it’s also easier for potential thieves to break into, either by picking the lock or using bolt cutters to cut through the lock.

The good news is that there are different grades of security for pdlock, with higher grades offering more advanced levels of security. The difference in security comes down to the type of padlock, whether it has a closed shackle, discus shackle or straight shackle. As most locks are accessed through the shackle, the protection surrounding this part of the lock is more important than if it opens with a key or combination.

The most important thing about your travel security, is that you have travel insurance to protect you should your lock get broken into and your personal items stolen. Your insurance company might not fully cover you if you didn’t secure your luggage with a lock.

Don’t take the risk on your next travel, find a combination or key lock amongst our range of travel accessories.

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