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How To Avoid Costly Excess Baggage Charges

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How To Avoid Costly Excess Baggage Charges

When you’re getting ready to go on a holiday or business trip, you need to consider the excess load of baggage charges that the airport places on any extra luggage weight over the allocated amount. Too often travellers tend to over-pack and take unnecessary items that they almost never use when they are on holiday.

Depending on your travel, you’ll easily be able to weigh in within the baggage limit by implementing some handy tips.

Here are some pointers on how to avoid those costly excess baggage charges:

  • Clothing

We understand that you might want to take the majority of your wardrobe with you, but in reality, how many different pairs of pants do you need? The same goes for your jackets, jumpers and t-shirts as well. If you’re happy to re-wear most of your clothes, then it will save you doubling or tripling up on items.

  • Toiletries

Carrying a 750ml shampoo bottle for a two-week holiday is not sensible. It will add to the weight of your luggage. If you want your special shampoo, for example, then you can always decant some into a smaller bottle. Still, you can always buy toothpaste and other toiletries at your destination.

  • Shoes

If you’re going on a trip such as a business meeting or dinner ceremony, it is understandable to bring your best high-heels or leather slicks. However, is it necessary to bring along those three or four other shoes? We suggest one pair of good shoes and a pair of walking shoes – depending on the trip, of course. 

  • Allow extra space

Remember, when you go on holiday, you will always want to buy souvenirs from the country you visit. Plus, friends and family will always have a list of things for you to bring back. Therefore, make some space in your luggage prior to departing so you can bring those items back and stay within the baggage limit.

The tips can make a huge difference in the way you pack your luggage and avoid those hefty charges at the baggage counter. Just bear in mind that not everything you bring along will be used.


If you want more information about the right type of luggage to choose that would suit your travel plans, contact us today.

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