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How To Make Your Luggage Easier To Spot At The Airport

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How To Make Your Luggage Easier To Spot At The Airport

When hundreds of luggage bags come swirling down that carousel, and another hundred or so passengers are shoving their way in and around you to collect their suitcase, you may find it difficult to spot yours quick enough to catch it.

However, there are things you can do to make it easier for you to spot your luggage on the carousel.

Here are a few easy tips to take on board now to help you spot your luggage quickly:

  • Choose Bold Colours

Luggage sets are not as plain and simple as they used to be. Now, the design of the bag is more than ever before and your choice of colours is vast. For example, the Antler Juno 2 can be found in dozens of bright colours including orange, blue, pink, purple and more. When there are countless black bags passing you on the carousel, you’ll have no trouble seeing your bold piece come by.

  • Use Stickers

If you don’t mind covering your luggage with stickers that you would recognise in an instant, why not stick some on the sides of your bag so that when it comes rolling down the carousel, you can spot it immediately? It’s quite rare that somebody on the flight will have the same stickers as your bag, soit will give you the advantage ofspotting your bag in no time.

  • Tie Ribbons

On the top and sides of your luggage, you’ll find the grip handles, where you can tie a knot of your favourite colour ribbon or wool, making it immediately noticeable to you when you’re standing among a crowd of passengers. You can be very creative here with the pattern or style of your ribbon to make it really stand out.

  • Take a Photo

For extra precaution, especially in the hustle of the other passengers rushing to collect their luggage, it may be a good idea to take a photograph of your luggage as it is before it goes on so that you can spot it quickly. Sometimes we forget just what shade of green it was or what grey streaks it had on it. A picture will help you spot it immediately.

With these simple tips, you’ll never be kept at the baggage carousel trying to find your luggage. It can also save you time, especially if you have to catch another flight or have a pressing meeting to attend.

If you’d like to upgrade your luggage so it’s more recognisable, contact us today for an array of options.

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