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Long stopovers. How not to go crazy...

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Long stopovers. How not to go crazy...

Ah the dreaded long airport stopover.  What could be more frustrating than flying halfway to your destination, only to have to get off the plane and wait around for hour upon hour for a connecting flight.  Fear not.  With these handy tips you'll not only make those dreaded hours fly buy but you may even decide to opt for a stopover on purpose in the future...


Explore the city:  If you have a very long stopover (8 hours or so), why not catch a taxi or public transport and check out the city you've landed in.  This may require a little planning beforehand but might be just the ticket to use up those hours and possibly discover a city that you may want to visit in the future.

Shopaholic:  What better way to waste a bit of time than to shop at all the duty free stores and boutiques that are on offer at the airport. Trying on clothes, taste testing an array of food and beverages and testing perfumes, skin care and makeup is sure to make those hours fly by.

Ah, that feels good:  Want something a little more relaxing than shopping?  If you can find a store that offers massage or skin treatments like facials, you'll not only burn up time but hydrate your skin and feel relaxed at the same time.  Win, win..

Try the local cuisine: Try another countries food and drink with the multitude of eateries and restaurants on offer.  Sit down and stuff yourself with an array of food you've never tried before. Delish..

Now that's entertainment: Some of the larger airports have entertainment complexes on site to keep travelers busy and having a good time.  Ice Skating rinks, cinemas, museums and loads more could be on offer so it's worth checking it out.  Just go to the airport website and see what's on offer.

Stretch those legs: Nothing better for the legs and the blood flow than to go for a nice long walk.  If you can go outside, then get some fresh air while your at it, but if not then just do a few laps of the inside of the airport.  You may even discover other things to keep you busy whilst your'e wandering around.

Sparkly clean and fresh:  If you have all the necessary toiletries then why not have a nice hot shower in one of the facilities available.  If you don't have all your bathroom necessities then just buy some travel sized options from one of the many shops on site.  Also don't forget a towel otherwise you'll be drying off with paper towel or toilet paper. 

Be your own entertainment: If you don't have heaps of time or money then just sit back and people watch.  I'ts a great way to pass the time.  Hundreds upon thousands of people pass through airports on a daily basis and it's always fun to make up little stories about where they're going, what they do for a living and how they live.  Sometimes just reading a book, watching YouTube clips, writing about your travels or having a nap is enough to spend a few hours before boarding your next flight.


Have fun with your stopover and you may just find that it's opened up your eyes to visiting that country in the future. 



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