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Only use carry on...

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Only use carry on...

After travelling domestically and overseas quite a few times, I'm convinced that you don't need everything you pack, and I hate waiting around for my luggage at the carousel.  Just grabbing your bag and waltzing out of the airport without having to hang around the dreaded baggage carousel is such a bonus, I don't know why I kept up using a large suitcase for all those years.  Read on to see why travelling with only a carry on case is really the smartest way to travel.



  • The fewer bags you have, the less likely you are to lose one or have one stolen
  • Dodge budget airline fees for checked baggage
  • No waiting to check bags in
  • No waiting at airport carousels for bags to appear
  • No chance of the airline losing your bag
  • Easier onward travel by bus, taxi or train
  • Packing and unpacking are less of a drama
  • Fewer clothes makes for a simpler life. Minimalism reduces stress
  • Lighter bags are easier on your body
  • Lighter bag the better (shoulder bags and back packs are lightest)



  • Weight 7kg or under is all you can take on-board (some airlines are up to 14kg - check fine print)
  • Height no higher than 56cm (international.  Domestic flights check your airline allowances)
  • Liquids 100ml or under in clear plastic bag.  So no large bottles of lotions, hair-care etc. 
  • Less space to pack in.


Help I need more space:  A handy travel tip is to wear all your heavy clothing if possible and save the space in your bag for toiletries, sleep wear and an extra change of clothes.  If you're buying gifts and souvenirs then a fantastic suggestion is to post them all home so you don't have to lug them around unnecessarily.  The way you pack will also need to be practiced before you head away.  Tightly rolling your clothes and putting items in things like shoes will help to utilize all the space you have.  

Summing it up:  Although this type of travel isn't for everyone, the pros really do outweigh the cons. Buying clothes that wash easily and dry quickly are a fantastic addition to carry on travel as they allow you to take less clothing and know that you can wash and dry quickly.  Being able to just breeze through the airport without waiting around the ghastly carousel is such a bonus.  You'll be first out, first in line for a taxi or bus and less stressed all round. 


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Pack less and stay stress free...




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