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Saving Money For Your Next Big Trip..

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Saving Money For Your Next Big Trip..

If I could travel for the rest of my life I would jump at the chance, but unfortunately just one thing is stopping me. MONEY!!!  Without the endless funds to finance my travel fantasies I have to either take out a loan or save, save, save for my next trip.  Let me give you some tips and ideas for saving for that next well deserved trip. 


Keep it separated:  Opening a bank account just for travel that cant be touched is a smart idea as it keeps your day to day finances separate to your travel finances.  

Loose change: At the end of each day put away all your loose change (especially gold coins) into a large money tin. When the tin is full, take it to a bank that has a coin counter and then transfer into your travel bank account. This is a fantastic way to save for a trip.

Time for a cull: Clearing out your home and garage of all the clutter and possessions you haven't used in a while and then selling them is a marvelous way to not only clear the clutter but make you some money too.  There are so many platforms on which to sell your goods.  From local Facebook buy, swap and sell pages, Gumtree, Ebay and many others as well as the good old garage sale, you're bound to make a bit of cash along the way.

No junk mail: Starting a second job like a catalog mail box drop is brilliant in two ways. 1. You can make some extra money in the afternoons/evenings after work and 2. You get fit from walking around the local streets which can help your fitness levels bucket loads when you're travelling. 

Cut backs: Nothing helps save cash more than cutting back on luxuries when planning for a holiday.  Limiting entertainment, dining out and shopping and putting that money you would have spent into your travel account is a great way to save for a trip. Record your spending and see where you can cut back even if that is your daily take a way coffee.

Think about the payment:  Using cash or EFTPOS instead of credit is a handy way of avoiding interest rates on your credit card.  Using these forms of payments means you're only spending money you already have, so it's a sure fire way to not get caught out with overdue payments and then get slogged with extra fees and charges. Remember, if you don't have it, then you can't spend it. 


There are so many ways to save a bit of extra cash but the best way is to be smart and be disciplined... 








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