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Surviving a long haul flight

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Surviving a long haul flight

Let's face it, there's nothing worse than being stuck on an international flight for hours on end.  Crying children, mediocre food, recycled air and minimal leg room are some of the things we put up with when flying long distances.  Unfortunately there is no magic trick that can help you travel faster, but we are here to share some tips to help you feel more relaxed, stress free and possibly even allow you to enjoy those hours flying up among the clouds.


 Comfort over style:  Although celebrities look amazing, their travel fashion is not always practical.  Loose fitting and comfortable clothing is a must.  Sitting for hours on end will be super uncomfortable if you are wearing tight clothing.  Tracksuit pants and tops, loose clothing especially around the waist and non bulky layers so you can peel off or put on.

Legs eleven: If you're tall, request an emergency exit seat.  These seats have either no seat in front or a huge space to the next seat.  This will enable you to stretch your legs out to full length. 

Bend and stretch: Get up every couple of hours and walk around to reduce the risk of DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis).  You can also do circular movements with your ankles and knees at your seat to get the blood moving and reduce your risk.  Pharmacies sell a variety of flight socks to help with DVT so if you're unsure have a chat with them to see which ones will be appropriate.

Night, night: Although you'll no doubt receive a pillow, it's always handy to take a blow up or foam pillow as a backup. You can then cuddle, sit on or double up with this extra pillow to make sleeping so much more comfortable.

Brrrr its chilly: Flying can sometimes get a little chilly especially when you are sleeping.  If you are not given a blanket it's worthwhile either taking a small travel one with you or taking a long sleeved top or jacket on board to use as a blanket.  If they are provided, just use your extra clothing as a pillow. Taking a pair of socks is a good idea as well as if you're wearing thongs or sandals, your feet can get a little chilly. 

Clean and fresh: Taking a roll on deodorant, mini toothpaste and toothbrush and a comb with make you feel so much more awake and clean once you are about to arrive at your destination.  Pack small sizes in a clear zip-lock bag and stow in your carry on luggage for a quick freshen up.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate: Flying can be a very drying and dehydrating business.  Keep hydrated by drinking lots of water during the flight and remember that alcohol and caffeinated drinks will dehydrate you further.  Also to keep your skin from drying out, take a small tube of hand cream and face moisturiser to apply as often as you like during the flight.  You'll get to your destination looking and feeling wonderful.

Out like a light: Plug your ears and cover your eyes for a quieter and darker sleep.  These two little gems are a must if you want to get a bit of shut eye and feel half human at your destination. There are also many products on the market that will help with sleep if you know you cant relax enough to get to sleep.  Natural vitamins are always a safe bet and there are many types available from pharmacies and health food stores.  Chat to an expert and discuss the right product for you.  

Now that's entertainment: Nothing like a good book or a few movies to make a flight go faster.  Taking a good novel will pass the hours quickly, as will watching a few movies or listening to some interesting podcasts.  Stock up at the airport or bring your favorite book from home and let the hours melt away.

Yum, yum: Plane food is never the best meal you are going to eat in your life.  To have something a little more tasty taking your own food is always a fantastic option.  You can buy all sorts of delicious food at airport stores and take them on board (only after you have gone through customs).  Also if you have any allergies or dietary restrictions or preferences, please be sure to mention this to your travel agent or organise when you are booking your flight.  This will ensure that you get exactly what you want/need well in advance.  

Not happy Jan: If for some reason you're not happy with your seating arrangements, you can always speak nicely to cabin staff and ask to change (if seats are available).  Likewise when you check in, request your seat or even the chance of an upgrade if it's available.  You never know, you may get upgraded to a better seat or class.  If you don't ask you'll never know.


Using these handy tips we hope you arrive fresh, rested and ready to enjoy your holiday.  Happy flying.










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