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Top Packing Tips To Help You Save Time And Space

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Top Packing Tips To Help You Save Time And Space

Packing for a trip involves balancing airline baggage weight restrictions, making sure that there’s enough essentials for your entire stay and wondering if you’ll finish in time. It’s no wonder why so many of us end up just chucking everything in and creating a mess or forking out for extra luggage. Instead of putting up with the packing struggle, why not free up time and space with the following packing tips the next time you travel?

TIP #1 – Select the CorrectLuggage

Choosing the best possible luggage type for your trip is essential for packing success, as it will ensure that you will meet your airline’s size parameters, while maximising your packing space. Modern luggage options tend to be lightweight and have built-in compartments and sections that make packing more convenient.

TIP #2 – Select the right materials

Avoid wrinkled clothing by choosing items made from polyester, nylon, rayon, or acrylic. These won’t need ironing, resist wrinkling and are easier to wash and dry quickly. Better yet, clothing items made from these materials can be rolled up and packed tightly, taking up less space. Do yourself a favour and take a moment to ensure all your tops and bottoms can be mixed and still match.Doing so will mean that getting dressed every morning will be quick and simple.

TIP #3 – Take only the necessary toiletries

If you’re travelling abroad, you’ll know that liquid items need to be decanted into appropriately sized clear plastic bottles. If possible, leave everything but the essentials (such as prescribed medications and bespoke beauty products)behind. If you’re travelling to an urban area and the exchange rate is budget-friendly, it might be cheaper and more convenient to stock up on staples like toothpaste, soap and painkillers at a local shop or pharmacy.

TIP# 4 – Get multi-use gadgets

Instead of lugging several single-function gadgets, why not invest in one that does it all? This can include a universal charger and adapter with a tablet PC that can take calls and double as an eBook reader. Most of these items can be packed in your carry-on, freeing up your luggage space even more.

With these tips in hand, you can look forward to departing on your next trip after having a streamlined and efficient packing process that will make you feel more organised than ever. It will also make unpacking less of a chore when you return from your destination.

For more packing tips or information about travel luggage, get in contact with us anytime.

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