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Travel to the camping ground

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Travel to the camping ground

Summer is a time to dust off the camping gear, pull out the fishing rods and get your bags packed for nights around the campfire.  Whilst camping and outdoor stores have every conceivable tent, stove and torch option known to man, here at Luggage Hub we have a huge range of bags for your clothes and shoes, and oodles of travel accessories to bring a little of home's creature comforts with you to the great outdoors.  So sit back, relax and let us help you unwind...


Pillow fight:  A comfortable neck pillow can not only make travelling in the car more enjoyable but can also be useful if you want to lounge around in a hammock or lay on a picnic rug.  With choices of air blown pillows, memory foam, beans or standard foam, you're sure to find something that suits your needs and budget.

Toasty warm:  Even though summer camping is generally warm and sunny, sometimes the temperature can drop overnight and leave you a little chilly.  Our fleecy blankets are perfect for draping over your knees or shoulders whilst chatting around the campfire.  In bright red or blue they are lightweight, warm and cheap. Win win...

Technology buffs:  Nothing worse than wanting to take a photo or play some music from your phone only to realize you've got no battery left.  Fear not.  We have a range of power banks that can help you out in times of need.  Just re-charge the power bank by plugging into your car the next time your out for a drive or into a powered site socket at a caravan park if you are able.

Drip dry:  You go camping to not have to concern yourself with mundane chores like washing clothes. However swimming, food and drink spills and sweat will require a quick rinsing off and a dry in the sun.  Our clothes lines are great way to dry your clothes without the need to use pegs.

See no evil, hear no evil:  Nothing worse than either bright morning sun light whilst sleeping and or loud camping neighbors.  Fix both annoyances with our range of earplugs and eye masks.  They don't take up much space but can offer noise reduction and a nice dark atmosphere.

Genie in a bottle:  Who needs to take all their toiletries with them on a camping trip?  Why take huge amounts of liquid when you can take just a fraction of that in our range of handy travel bottles.  We offer food grade silicon bottles with suction caps to attach to walls or tables (great for dish detergent, shampoo/conditioner, lotion etc).  Also available are little clear bags with 4 handy sized bottles for all your toiletry needs.

Bags, bags and more bags:  Our range of backpacks, duffels and suitcases will no doubt get you excited thinking about filling them for your next camping trip. With so much choice, you're bound to find something that your looking for.

Odds and ends:  Tooth brush covers, razor guards, raincoats, chargers, cables, carry clips,toiletry bags, locks and a multitude of other items are displayed on our website and in store for you to browse through.  Who knew we had so many accessories to keep you comfy, relaxed and sane.


Enjoy the sunshine, the great outdoors and a well deserved break..




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