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Travelling at Christmas

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Travelling at Christmas


Whether your'e staying local for Christmas or travelling interstate or overseas, Christmas is a time to spend with friends and family, to eat delicious food and to be suitably jolly.  Christmas however is one time of year that the roads can be clogged, the airports manic and the shops super busy.  Let us help you make this festive (if not crazy) season as stress free as possible so you can start relaxing and celebrating with loved ones.


Timing is everything:  The week leading up to Christmas and Boxing Day is one of the busiest times of year on the roads and at the airport.  If travelling by road, get driving super early in the morning (still dark if possible) when the roads wont be as hectic.  If you're flying, get to the airport early as it will be busy. A great trick is to check in online the 24 hours leading up to your flight, then you'll only join the bag drop off queue which although lengthy, moves fairly quickly.  After that,  you can sit back and enjoy a coffee or a glass of wine and relax before your flight.

What's in the present?: A handy little hint is to not wrap your gifts if you are flying.  This may be an inconvenience but airport staff may want to check inside gift boxes and this can not just delay flights or arrivals, but also make you feel not so jolly. 

Light and smart: If flying, try to shop for at least some of your gifts when you arrive at your destination if you can.  This will keep the weight down and stop any damage to presents.  If you can't do this then buy gifts that are small, flat or can fit inside a card.  Don't be among the many who cause delays at airport security checkpoints by packing sharp objects, aerosols and other prohibited items in hand luggage.  If you need to pack these, pack inside your check-in luggage. 

Protect your goodies: Most travelers don't take out insurance for international trips let alone domestic travel.  If there is a time to take out travel insurance, the busy Christmas period is the time.  Your gifts and clothing will be covered by travel insurance should they go missing or get damaged, which is a huge relief when we're all a little broke at this time of year.

Book NOW!!:  Airport parking, transfers to hotels and hotel parking need to be booked well in advance.  Don't get caught out when you get to your destination (tired and in need of a sleep) only to find out that you can't park your car as it's full.  Taking a taxi or an Uber is a smart option as you can just jump in and roll out with no need to navigate parking spaces (or lack thereof). 

See no evil, hear no evil:  Remember to pack a good book or two for the flight (or airport stopovers), or some audio books, music or podcasts for the car trip.  Christmas traffic or air travel can be frustrating with endless waiting or delays.  If you have children, pack some colouring books, I Pads with movies, kids songs to sing along to or activity books to keep them occupied.  

Keep the jolly spirit alive:  Remember there are going to be queues, delays, traffic jams and unexpected annoyances.  Staff at airports must take the brunt of irate customers frustrations, so keep it lighthearted and fun by wearing a Santa hat, tinsel or those comical reindeer headbands to remind people that the silly season is well and truly alive.  If you're on the road, remember that everyone else is trying to get to their destination too.  Play some silly games, listen to some Christmas carols and just think that you'll get to where you're going eventually.








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