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Ultimate Tips For Teaching Your Kids To Pack Their Own Luggage

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Ultimate Tips For Teaching Your Kids To Pack Their Own Luggage

Preparing for a trip abroad with the family is a busy period, with finalising bookings and planning itineraries. This is the best time to delegate duties. It is also an excellent time to teach your children to be responsible and to take care of their own packing, if they are old enough, of course.

Use these handy tips to teach your kids to pack their own bags, and you’ll have one less thing to do the night before your flight. 

  1. Give the kids a checklist to work with

A checklist is a fun way to teach responsibility and make sure that the children pack all the essentials that they what they need in their suitcase, such as clothes, shoes, underwear, bathers, etc. You would also need to outline what they should pack in their carry-on bag, for example, snacks, reading or activity book and a change of clothes.

All items on the checklist should be stacked next to the suitcase so that you can make sure everything that needs to be packed is present. You can then show the kids how to make the most of limited space: place socks into shoes and rolling clothes as opposed to folding them. Leave enough room for any souvenirs they’ll be bringing home as well.

  1. Schedule in family packing time

An ideal time for family packing is the day before departure, after the laundry has been done. A few dedicated hours with everyone doing their own packing gives you the opportunity to supervise the kids’ packing as well as taking care of your own.

  1. Teach the kids the rules of priority packing

You may be away for two weeks, but your kids don’t need to pack 4 pairs of jeans or 8 t-shirts. Teach them the rules of travel packing and how to pair clothing so they can make the most of their limited wardrobe.

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