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What To Look For In Lightweight Luggage

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What To Look For In Lightweight Luggage

Luggage is an essential travel item that needs careful thought when planning your upcoming trip. The last thing you want is to pay an arm and a leg, or both, only for to turn up at the airport and you don’t meet the airline’s strict weight restrictions or have poor-quality bags tearing apart at the seams en route.

Quality, lightweight luggage has many rewards, one of which is avoiding embarrassment at the check-in counter and the need to dip into your precious travel budget to pay penalties for overweight baggage.

Looking for your next set of lightweight suitcases? Here are some essential factors to consider:

  • Size and weight
    Different airlines have varying size and weight restrictions for luggage on domestic and international flights, so make sure you know those of your airline. Bags made with lightweight materials will help you stay within airline weight restrictions. Plus, you won’t have to haul heavy bags around foreign cities and airports — bonus!

    Don’t forget that the carry-on luggage you buy must fit comfortably into any plane’s overhead locker, so check that your dimensions are within the airline’s restrictions.
  • Features
    Opt for luggage with sought-after features such as retractable and telescoping handles and back straps. Other highly desirable features include 360° spinner wheels that make manoeuvring suitcases through airports and crowds easier, especially when walking long distances.

    Excellent security features are also essential, as theft at airports and in hotels is more common than you might realise.
  • Structure
    Do you want a hard suitcase or a soft one with expandable sides? Each option provides unique advantages, which you may prefer depending on your needs and priorities.

    Expandable cases offer that extra bit of flexibility and depth when you need it, while hard-side suitcases are popular for their superior protection when carrying fragile items. Aluminium and polycarbonate shells offer structure, are robust without adding weight and are easy to clean.

While you work hard so that you can enjoy fabulous holidays or take business trips in style, your luggage will work even harder to protect your belongings on the go. When you’re looking for the best lightweight luggage, choose from the top-quality range of affordable options available at Luggage Hub.

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