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Why It's Worth Paying More For Quality Luggage

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Why It's Worth Paying More For Quality Luggage

On the list of possible travel disasters, after losing your luggage in the first place, comes having your suitcase break open, spilling out its contents for all to see. But this isn’t all that can go wrong when you travel with a cheap suitcase. An axel could break, and you lose a wheel, forcing you to stumble your way through crowds of other tourists on uneven pavements or cobbled streets. Then one or both of the locks might open or snap, leaving the contents of your suitcase vulnerable to theft and loss.

The time to ask whether it’s worth buying good quality, top-end luggage is not when you’re sitting in the middle of a foreign airport wondering at which stage of the journey your clothes were stolen, or while you’re hauling your bag – minus the wheels – along a busy street. The time to ask is when you’re shopping for a quality luggage set. What is it that you’re paying more for?

  • Original, cutting-edge designs

When designing suitcases and bags, top-end brands and manufacturers put careful thought into every aspect of the design, utilising innovative technologies and materials. You are guaranteed quality and longevity of every bag or case. Cheaper suitcases are likely to be copies of designer suitcases, made with inexpensive materials and therefore more vulnerable to breakage and damage.

  • Quality control

The various components in designer suitcases, such as robust frames, wheels and handles, are chosen and tested for durability, load-bearing and pressure capabilities. Top brands can offer their customers extended warranties because they can guarantee that their luggage can withstand the rigours of travel. There is no proof that cheaper brands pay much thought to quality control.

  • Handy features

High-end luggage sets are specially designed to offer customers the ultimate in convenience, such as handy compartments for laptops and toiletries. Other smart features such as durable double wheels and telescopic handles. Things like integrated locks are definitely worth paying more for, as are sturdy outer casings.

Need your luggage to survive the rough and tough of travel? Luggage Hub supplies the best luggage brands, from Antler and Samsonite to American Tourister. While they may cost a little more, they come with the guarantee of your peace of mind. Browse our quality luggage sets – you’re sure to find one that’s perfect for you. We’re always happy to answer any questions you might have to help you make the right choice, so feel free to contact us today!

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