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Your Guide To Buying A Travel Or Duffle Bag

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Your Guide To Buying A Travel Or Duffle Bag

Choosing a duffel bag needs some consideration because remember you’ll be carrying it around, backpacking across the choice of your destination. This means that you need to find a travel bag that’s lightweight yet has all the necessary pockets, zips and extras you’d expect to keep all the essentials you’ll need on an expedition.

There are many types of duffle bags to choose from nowadays – and believe it or not, but it is also a matter of style and not just quality.

Here’s your guide to buying the right travel/duffle bag:

  • Streamline

When travelling, it is important to ensure that your travel or duffle bag is streamlined in design. What this means is two-fold: streamlined means that the buckles and zippers are neatly tucked away so that when they go through the conveyer belt they are not ripped off or damaged. Streamlined also means that it’s lighter in weight and easier to carry around, giving you the freedom to explore and move around easier.

  • Compression

Internal compression straps are essential when selecting your perfect duffle bag because they are attached at the top of the bag and act as a holding mechanism, keeping your luggage in place. The straps are neatly packed over your luggage items, ensuring they stay in place during travel. When you are ready to open your bag, these internal compression straps will ensure everything is as you packed it.

  • Zipper

Although your zipper will usually be neatly tucked away, it is equally important that your zipper is strong, durable and of good quality. You cannot afford for the zipper to snap or break during travel. Therefore, ensure you purchase one that is sturdy when it’s pushed and pulled, even if it means paying a little extra. It will be well worth it in the end.

  • Buckles

Similar to the zippers, your buckles need to be robust and made of high-quality material. This may cost more than poorly-made buckles, but when you’re on your travels, you will need to have strong buckles to keep everything in place. Surprisingly, plastic buckles are considered to be the best since they are not prone to become brittle or snap off during colder weather.

  • Fabric

Choose a fabric that you not only like the look of, but also deem to be of good quality as well. Bear in mind, a duffle bag will be used a lot, carried, opened and reopened. This means that you should choose a duffle bag that made from nylon fabrics, which are far more durable than its counterparts such as polyester and cotton.

Of course, it depends on the journey you’re intending to undertake; but in the end, these tips are important all-around, making your travel easier.


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