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Delsey Paris Luggage

Delsey Paris Luggage

Many associate Paris with romance, fashion and the Eiffel Tower. You need to add luggage brand Delsey to that list as it has been one of the world’s most in-demand luggage brands since it was established in 1946.

There is more than one way of accurately describing Delsey travel luggage. One: “defies convention”, two: “stylish and elegant” and three: “a uniquely bold French signature”.

Across the entire range of Delsey luggage, from suitcases to backpacks and toiletry bags, you can expect signature details such as elegant styling, innovation and well-made travel bags.

Newest items include Chatelet Air, Montmartre, Moncey.

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All Delsey luggage products encompasses the following features:


Thinking outside the box and looking to implement revolutionary ideas is at the forefront of Delsey luggage. The fact is that they have more than 50 patents and awards, proving  their unique manufacturing has placed them as one of the world’s leading travel luggage brand.

Quality is assured

The unmistakable design and manufacturing of a Delsey luggage piece is closely scrutinised to ensure the material and finishing is top-quality. Plus, every piece across all collections are tested and approved.

Advanced security protection

Delsey offers travellers peace of mind that their belongings are safe, thanks to enhanced security features built into their products. The advanced SECURITECH® zip offers enhanced resistance to intrusion.

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