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Leash IT

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Never have to worry about loosing your luggage ever again.

Leash is a crowd based bluetooth GPS tracking device that helps prevent your luggage from becoming lost or stolen. With the GPS tracking if your items is every lost or stolen it will help you locale it and recover it.


  • Free download "Leash It" app available on Apple store and Android play store and has grown in both user functionality and crowd Geo Fencing worldwide
  • Mobile Alarm and vibration that sounds if your item leaves set perimeter
  • User able to set distance of perimeter of item
  • Only solution worldwide that allows simultaneous perimeter tracking of multiple items
  • Mobile vibration when item comes back into perimeter of you are getting close to your item
  • Community involvement in protecting each others belongings
  • Unique SOS, messaging and tracking for groups and for App community members. SOS broadcasting facility should you have a mechanical issues, get lost or feel in danger or are in an acceident you can send an immediate SOS message to your group or send a message to the 5 closest people on the Leash It network with your exact location and your need for immediate assitance.
  • Group function gives users the ability to setup a group of friends and family so that you can view where each other are and send messages between members about catch-ups or group outings.