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Luggage Hub can meet all of your travel needs!

When purchasing luggage, you want to ensure you’re getting a quality piece or set, that provides you with value for money and will last you a long period of time across many trips. That’s why at Luggage Hub, we make sure that we cater to all your travel needs with a huge range of suitcases, luggage sets, cabin luggage, travel accessories and travel bags – all at highly competitive prices. We can guarantee you that whatever you buy from us online or at our Melbourne Superstore will live up to your expectations and provide you with many years of travelling security, convenience and pleasure.

Our luggage selection includes a variety of cabin-sized, medium and large items and sets with both hard and soft cases to choose from.

Making your selection:

Hard Suitcases

If you’re a frequent traveller and are constantly on the move, you need a hardy bag that will keep your belongings intact and put up with being jostled, thrown and shoved around. Our range of hard suitcases were chosen specifically to provide you with excellent protection, security and durability. They’re usually made from solid materials that don't bend under pressure, making packing fragile items less of a worry.

Soft Suitcases

Planning on returning with more items than you packed? Then you’ll enjoy the flexibility of a soft suitcase. These are made from canvas-like or nylon materials that flex under pressure, making it easier to pack any small last-minute items, as well as shapeless items like clothing. It also helps when luggage storage space is limited, as you can collapse this type of suitcase down to provide extra space for other bags.

Cabin Suitcases

Most airlines have strict requirements for cabin luggage, and some even charge extra for additional bags. Travel light with a cabin suitcase that you can bring in the passenger compartment instead of placing it in the plane’s cargo hold, where there’s some chance it can get lost. We stock a great selection of both hard and soft case cabin luggage made to conform to airline specifications, and allow you to keep your personal belongings on hand, no matter how long your flight is.

We stock the most popular international brands including Antler, American Tourister, Samsonite, Delsey and many more. We frequently offer specials, so you’re bound to find something that fits your budget. Remember that we offer free shipping Australia wide for purchases over $80.00. 

Call 03 9555 9670 or email today for more information.