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About Luggage Sets and Suitcases

HereĀ are some of the different types of luggage

Hardside suitcases

Provide excellent protection, security and durability they are made from a hardened case usually made in polypropylene or poly-carbonate. Hard cases are inflexible, solid options that don't bend under pressure so packing valuable luggage is less of a worry.

Softside suitcases

Soft side in general refers to canvas-like or nylon that flexes under pressure. This means that it is simpler to for those small last minute pieces to fight in those tight areas or collapse down to allow extra space for other bags which means if you are traveling you know you can bring back more then what you left with.

Cabin suitcases

Allows you to bring your luggage on passenger compartment of the vehicle instead of placing it onto the cargo part of the vehicle. Having the great selection of either choosing a hard case or soft case version they are made to conform airline specifications.