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Antler Luggage & Suitcases: Bottom Description / SEO

Shop our range of Antler luggage online and enjoy free shipping anywhere in Australia for orders $80 or more, or you can also visit our retail store to make your purchase.

Business-Ready Luggage

Antler has created a range of business appropriate bags for the frequent traveller. Our range includes hard and soft garment and wheel bags, as well as tablet and laptop document bags for working on the go. Each bag is completely secure and is sure to keep your work materials safe, wherever you travel. You’ll feel like you’re travelling with a mobile office.

Attractive Options

If you’re tired of looking at bland, forgettable luggage options, then you’ll love Antler Juno. This range is available individually or as a set and comes in eye-catching and attractive colours on its hardbody polypropylene shell. It’s also scratch resistant and built to keep its good looks for many years.

Travel Light

For the seasoned and frequent traveller, Antler has dedicated luggage options to help make your travel experience a breeze. The Oxygen has been engineered to weigh as little as possible without compromising on packing space, offering self-reinforcing polypropylene protection that can handle everything you throw at it.

There are many more softcase and hardcase Antler bags to choose from, with options for cabin and stowaway travel backpacks, cross body bags, duffel and tote bags and toiletry bags.