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Luggage Expert Advice

How to choose the right luggage for you.

 Commonly asked questions:

What is the differences between a hard and a soft suitcase?

Hard cases are strong, durable luggage that are structured. As they open up like a shell clam, you can divide your packing. The benefits of hard suitcases are larger capacity, attractive, and will not get soaked in the rain.

Soft cases are lightweight, strong and expandable.They have external pockets which can be utilised for easy access. The benefits of soft suit cases are lightness, and easier to open on luggage racks in hotels

Large or Medium that is the question.

Large cases give you a greater packing capacity. When travelling to colder climates, clothing would be bulkier and require more volume which a larger case does provide.

Medium cases allow you to pack diligently, so as not to exceed the weight allowance. For seasoned travellers, who pack by coordinating their garments, this size is beneficial in many ways.

Why you should have a cabin/carry on luggage?

Most airlines allow you a 7 kg to bring with you as a cabin/carry on so utilise the weight provided. The advantage of having a carry on is that in the rare instances that you arrive at your destination and your  check-in luggage has gone astray, you will have a change of clothes on hand. Carry on bags, together with your check in luggage are easy to manoeuvre through busy airports when rolled back to back.

 What is the advantage of four wheels verses two?

Having four wheeled suitcases give you an easy means to travel from destination to destination. Instead of the strain of having to pull or drag your heavy suitcase the four wheels allow you to smoothly guide your suitcase around next to you. 

 What is a TSA lock?

Transport Security Administration, in USA screen luggage to ensure safety for Airlines and passengers. They hold the master keys which allow them to open and inspect check in luggage, with out damaging  or breaking the locks. As security issues have increased, more countries are now TSA approved.            In order to open your, TSA lock for the first time, set he dial to 0-0-0 and then push or slide the release button, to open the lock. Instructions are provided with the warranty information. 

How do I set the TSA combination lock?

If you are unsure of how to set your lock please follow the link TSA lock and select the brand of your case and it will provide a step-by-step guide to setting your lock. 

Need some tips on how to pack here is some recommendations below?

  1. Define your packing goals: Not every trip a traveler takes is the same. That is why you should define your goals early on and stick to them throughout your packing process and travels
  2. Pack Small: Try to pack essential items as this will help maximize your packing allowance without needing additional steps. Make a list of the items you want to take with you to avoid over packing. 
  3. Pack Lighter: By packing only what you can carry will make you a more independent traveler as well as not straining your body.
  4. Pack Smarter: Pack according to your trip such as time of season, length of travel and destination. 
  5. Save Money: Packing lighter and smaller means fewer chances of exceeding you baggage allowance which means less luggage fees.  
  6. Learn a packing process and style that works for you. Whether you roll, fold and/or vacuum seal your belongs, finding a method that works for your type of travel will make every trip effortless.