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Luggage Expert Advice

How to choose the right luggage for you.

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Commonly asked questions:

What is the differences between a hard and soft suitcase?

Hardcases are a strong and durable luggage that are able to hold their form some are also able to expand to give you extra space. These sturdy cases give you piece of mind when you have valuables with the added bonus of a large capacity.

Softcases are a lightweight, strong and expandable suitcase. They have the flexibility to fit that last minute purchase. With soft cases generally being slightly lighter gives you an advantage when weight restrictions are a concern.


What size luggage should I buy out of a large and medium?

Large cases give you extra space and a larger capacity when you need that little extra space. For example if you are travelling and your destination is somewhere cold then you may need that extra space for your large jackets or boots. 

Medium cases allow you to bring just the right amount without the worry of over exceeding weight as that can be a concern. Also can be the perfect size when you are going away for a few days and don't need a huge suitcase to being with you.


Why you should have a cabin/carry on luggage?

Most airlines allow you a 7 Kg to bring with you as a cabin/carry on so why waste it? The advantage of having a carry on is that in the rare instances that you arrive at your destination and you main check in luggage is no there then you can at least have some spare clothes and all your valuables with you. Having a carry on can also mean that if you main check in luggage exceeds the weight limit you can take some of your things out and put it into your carry on.


What is the advantage of four wheels verses two?

Having four wheeled suitcases give you an easy means to travel from destination to destination. Instead of the strain of having to pull or drag your heavy suitcase the four wheels allow you to smoothly guide your suitcase around


 What is a TSA lock?

Nearly all of the suitcases today come with a TSA (Transport security administration) lock which is mostly needed for travel to America. As they are the only ones with the authority to open your bag upon inspection without you being present. The TSA lock allows them to safely access your bag without damaging it in anyway.


How do I set the TSA combination lock?

Not sure how to set your lock well we have the instructions here on our website simply click on this link TSA lock and find the right model that suits your case and it will show you a step by step process in setting your lock. If these instructions are unclear or you need further assistance please don't hesitate to call through to our toll free number 1300 814 758 where we can assist you further.


Need some tips on how to pack here is some recommendations below?

  1. Define your packing goals: Not every trip a traveler takes is the same. That is why you should define your goals early on and stick to them throughout your packing process and travels
  2. Pack Small: Whether going from two large suitcases to one as a check-in and bringing with you a backpack or carry on will help you manage better.
  3. Pack Lighter: Packing only what you can carry makes you a more independent traveler and its easier on your body.
  4. Pack Smarter: Pack according to your trip like season, length and destination. Have the right gear with you every time.
  5. Save Money: Packing lighter and smaller means fewer chances of exceeding you baggage allowance which means less luggage fees. Also means not having to worry about the possibility of paying extra for your check in luggage.
  6. Learn a packing process and style that works for you and be able to do it over and over again with ease every time and every trip.