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Go Travel Stretchy Strap

Go Travel

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A new innovation in luggage security, the Stretchy Strap provides a taut fit around most suitcases. Fully adjustable and easy to use, simply stretch the strap around your case, interlock the buckle and zinc base, and click to snap shut. Once locked, the word ‘secure’ becomes visible, meaning your Stretchy Strap is fastened correctly. Whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure, keeping your belongings safe and secure in transit couldn’t be easier.


  • Wide elasticated luggage strap
  • Stretches to fit snugly around most suitcases
  • Easy to use interlocking buckle
  • Secures belongings and deters theft
  • Helps identify luggage on a busy carousel


Size: 5 x 185 x 15 cm

Weight: 0.172 Kg

Material: ABS, Elastodiene, Polyester, Polypropylene, Zinc Alloy

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