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Go Travel Worldwide Double Adaptors


Go Travel

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  • $3495
  • RRP $69.95

Go Travel double adaptors converts Australian/New Zealand plugs to fit worldwide.


  • Simply change the appropriate plug and use
  • Twin sockets enables you to use it as a double adaptor
  • Safety approved for the 2 or 3 pin plugs either by them selves or simultaneously
  • Does not convert voltage

Contains the following adaptors:

  1. American/USA/Asian (non-earthed) North and central America, parts of south America, The Caribbean, Japan and certain areas of Middle and far east America.
  2. America/USA (earthed) for north and central America, parts of south and The Caribbean
  3. Europe (earthed and non-earthed) (Including Mediterranean and Scandinavian countries), parts of south America and Selected other countries
  4. UK (earthed and non-earthed), Ireland, Honk Kong, Singapore, The Middle and Far East.
  5. South Africa(earthed and non-earthed) and other parts of Africa


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