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Pet Leash GPS/ Bluetooth Pet Tracker


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Never have to worry about loosing your Pet ever again.

Pet Leash is a crowd based Bluetooth GPS tracking device that helps prevent your Pet from becoming lost or stolen. With the GPS tracking if your luggage is every lost or stolen it will help you locale it and recover it.


  • Crowd base(Which means within range of other users of Leash IT devices) Bluetooth GPS tracking device to help assist you when you can is lost or stolen
  • Bluetooth technology notifies you via an alarm on your phone when pet is taken or escapes perimeter
  • Free download "Leash It" app available on Apple store and Android play store and has grown in both user functionality and crowd Geo Fencing worldwide
  • Instantly report your car as lost/stolen within the App. Once spotted will provide date and time
  • Up to 40 Metres range
  • Pet Leash gives off a signal every second however has a delay of up to 5 seconds which prevents the device going into alarm mode if a signal is missed
  • SOS friends/family in your group should you be involved in an
    accident, get lost or need any assistance.
  • Be alerted when your pet is close by when searching for it.


Size: 3.1 x 4.0 x 0.7 cm

1 Year Warranty

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